Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts....

(Lilac Watch 2011 - Despite the insane tricks that Mother Nature is pulling on us here in Michigan, I am happy to report that my lilac tree has buds and will be blooming soon....can't wait!!!)

Is it really April 19th today? Because here in Michigan it feels and looks like a dreary November day. We had the tiniest peek of that hot thing called the sun for a few minutes this morning but I was too busy shuffling my kids to the mom-van to soak any of it up.

So, to get me through ANOTHER day stuck in the house with gray clouds looming over, I am compiling a little list of some happy things to share....

-Do you have a ton of photos that you love and are not sure how to display them around your house? Here are a couple amazing posts on some photo gallery displays in real homes. Ali Edwards and Young House Love

-These patterns make me want to bust out my embroidery floss, needle & hoop! How cute are they???

-I've never made a log cabin quilt (heck, I've never even followed a pattern for a quilt) but I think I really love this one...

-And, I'll take one of each from here...

-One more image that just has to make you happy....the best cupcakes I have ever made!!! Recipe follows tomorrow!


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