Thursday, June 20, 2013

A little view into my garden!

Since moving to our new home last fall, I have been so anxious to see what our yard would look like this spring. The original owners of our home were landscape architects and now that the yard is mature, it's gorgeous. There are so many plants and flowers growing - it's a lot to keep up with at times but I appreciate having it done for me and I just have to maintain it. Here's a little peek into some details of what's happening around the house...

(Addie is usually my "helper" but this time, the trampoline was calling....)

I spy 2 tiny tomatoes....



My cucumbers aren't super happy....

I see lots of kale chips in our future!

Not sure what this is but I love it

Soon to be a huge patch of black-eyed susans

Thanks for taking a tour...can't wait to share more as the warm season progresses!

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